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Membership Training

Throughout the year ATHOC offers members a number of varied training opportunites for the Industry. However, year round you can access the Timeshare Education Program RG146 at a very reduced price as an ATHOC member.

Timeshare Education Program- RG146

ATHOC has contracted One Step Further to deliver an ongoing Timeshare Education Program which meets the requirements of RG146.

Organisations who sell Financial Services are required to hold a Securities Dealers Licence and their sales staff are required to have an Authorised Representatives number which they can obtain upon successful completion of training such as the RG146 Managed Investment Education Program - delivered by One Step Further Institute of Excellence.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) oversee the compliance of the Finance Industry by ensuring those working in the Industry are working to the relevant standards and are maintaining the required professionalism that has long been.

For further information go to the One Step Further Website.

The Policy Statement

RG146 sets out the minimum standards for people who provide financial product advice to retail clients.

The training standard applies to a natural person who is:

  • An Australian financial services licensee; or
  • A representative of a licensee.
  • The Policy Statement provides for both generic knowledge and specialist knowledge requirements.
  • All advisors must demonstrate that they have met the generic and specialist knowledge requirement.
  • Generic knowledge includes:
  • The economic environment;
  • Operation of financial markets; and
  • Financial products.
  • Specialist knowledge for managed investment includes:
  • The concept of managed investments;
  • Specialist knowledge of a specific product offered under a scheme. In our case this is timeshare;
  • Identification of risk types;
  • Awareness of relevant taxation issues; and
  • A range of factors involved in the legal environment.

The Policy Statement and any other documentation relating to it and ongoing updates can be accessed from the ASIC website on http://www.asic.gov.au/