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2018 Conference Program

DRAFT PROGRAM - Please check back for updates

The View From the Board Room

Traditional Timeshare Products
Meeting the Needs of the Consumer? - Panel of Resort Chairs

To what extent do the products need to be innovated or re-designed to cater for the upcoming demographic segments?
What if?? Questions to the group

Consumer Travel Behaviour
How has it changed, what is timeshare doing to address and adapt to those changes. Understanding what the major trends are and dealing with strategies to stay ahead. Short stay or long stay, market affordability and competitiveness.

Crisis/contingency/winding up
How do you go about it?

How to exit a scheme?
What happens if week’s owners leave the week to the Resort

Customer Service:
What timeshare might look like in the future

People Subjects

  • Millennial mindset
  • Talent acquisition/recruitment/retention
  • How to attract talent to the industry

Dealing with Disruption
How ATHOC responded and the industry’s strategies on dealing with negativity and promoting the product in a more positive light.

Whats happening in the Accommodation Sector

Technology and Add Ons in resorts
Technology is changing ever so quickly. Is the industry adapting and meeting the demands of consumers by offering products such as Netflix to compliment the holiday experience. Internet services are acknowledged as the most widely expected service in a holiday property. Is the industry meeting this demand? What services are readily available to meet consumer demand and expectations.

Update RG160 – What does it all mean?